Danes visiting NYC

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Danes visiting New York City

Excitement for visiting America and particularly New York City is high amongst the Danes. Everywhere I go in Denmark people are curious about our country. So many have had family, especially in the 1920’s and following World War Two immigrate to the United States. Most families remember postcards arriving in their mailbox from ‘Amerika’.


The major port of entry to the United States from Denmark was New York City and when you visit Ellis Island, known in Denmark as the “Immigration Island”, you can witness many Danish names upon the Immigration Wall. Including my family whose parents sailed into the New York Harbor in the late 1940’s before moving on up to Canada.


It is a terrific experience to sail the Harbor as our forefathers did and hear the immigration story. I love telling it because it is an authentic part of my very own family story. When you come to New York City, be sure to plan for a half day experience taking the ferry past the Statue of Liberty and onto Ellis Island as many Danish people did in bygone years.

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