Trip Options

New York City is the PERFECT destination for Corporate, Family and Leisure Groups. It is also the PERFECT jumping off point for day trips.


Walking and Bus Tours

We provide general Tours of New York City and the Northeast. We also offer very specific unique tours in New York. Have a look and start planning your incredible experience!

Package Highlights

  • Efficiently see NY via Bus
  • Experience local culture

Leisure Groups

Is a general family holiday in your plans? Or is it a 3 day to 10 day tour for a mixed group of travellers, your church, club or group of friends? We do all the planning and have been doing so both internationally and locally for over 25 years… We get group travel and the plan will be excellent because we ourselves come from large families, different church backgrounds and been active participants in numerous organizations!

Your wish is our demand! We guarantee an excellent experience to wherever you wish to go in the Northeast.


  • Broadway Shows
  • Entrance to Top of the Rock
  • Bus and / or Walking Tours


Corporate Groups

Come to New York to build your Team spirit and enhance your knowledge by meeting with local experts in your field of endeavor. Your business group will leave New York with stronger bonds that bode well for business growth and success.


  • Meeting space for meetings
  • Experience places and fellow professionals your business has in common
  • Special Entertainment and Restaurant Experiences

Incentive Groups

This offering has become more popular in the last year. Rewarding your personnel for their diligence and success builds for an organization that thrives.

We will plan all aspects of your incentive group experience with terrific theater, Restaurant and Night Club experiences.

Your people will be treated like royalty and leave feeling valued by you.


  • Great Tours
  • Fantastic Restaurants
  • Unique Experiences


Tours Leaving NYC

New York City is the perfect spot from which to explore the most fascinating spots in the USA. Go along the Atlantic Coast north and you get to Boston. There and back in one day. The same thing applies for a trip to the nation’s capitol, Washington. Philadelphia and the Amish Country too

A bit more ambitious is to see the incredible Niagara Falls plus Toronto; Canada’s largest city. This trip can be combined with Boston, Amish Country and Washington.




Niagara Falls

There are four great spots waiting to be discovered by you with a one or two - day trip from New York. Make New York your base to experience these four incredible and fascinating destinations.  

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Custom Trip Packages

New York City Events and Tours are specialists in the American Northeast and Canada. We have not only the knowledge but the personal contacts to make your trip a huge success. We can organize agricultural trips, trips relating to the building trades, food related trips and more. If it is an ordinary leisure trip, we can do that too.

Give us a list of your expectations and we will more than fulfill your hopes and dreams.

NYC Marathon
Running Groups

Each year the NYC marathon happens in the fall. We have a golden track record at planning and organizing trips for small to large groups of runners. We will take care of all the details so you can focus on the marathon.


We can plan your perfect New York Wedding. We know the very best spots for weddings and have staff licensed not only as Local Guides but licensed to perform weddings as well!

Family Gathering

We can plan experiences that everyone in your family will enjoy; from the youngest to the oldest person. We promise your family the perfect New York Vacation