About Us

We offer local experience and excellence along with a “can do” attitude. Our Company has developed expertise through both education and experience. We are big on both and match any local and beyond tour operators in quality and price.

This business is in our blood going back to the early 1900’s when family of our company owner, Remo Madsen, started a travel business in Denmark with local transportation and tours; eventually expanding their operation to a travel agency that now provides tours around the world. Including America.

Remo Madsen brings a world of experience to New York Events and Tours. He holds degrees in History, Political Science and Theology. He has worked in political, business and Church realms along with Hotel and Restaurant management. He is also an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Understanding and truly caring for people has been a cornerstone of our success. It is always about the people be it organizing Special Events or providing leadership for Corporate, Leisure, School and Family groups.

We are on the streets of New York daily. We know the lay of the land. We know what it takes to have a successful New York City Experience and have expanded to provide the same high quality experience in Washington, Boston and Philadelphia.

We live it; you’ll love it.

Local Guides

The key to a good experience is to have an excellent guide. Knowing New York and the East Coast is key to a great experience, local guides are essential in our planning.

We have forged relationships with the very best guides in New York and the North East; some speak Danish and all are fluent in English. Our relationship with the guiding community is first – rate. They know us and we know them personally and professionally.

Personal Touch

Our ever growing family of satisfied guests will tell you that they are always treated as a person worthy of respect and that we know our guests by name. We care about the personal well-being of all our guests. We make sure that you are physically and emotionally safe when you are with us. You matter.

NYC events and tours

What do you want to see?

You name it we can do it! We have created unique experiences for personal vacations or large corporate groups. You dream it…we make it happen!

We have shown bakers, builders, bankers and other professionals the areas of New York City that most interest them.
Leave your camera at the hotel and enjoy the day! We can arrange for a professional photographer to capture the day.

Just ask “Dansk Spil” about the professionalism and fun personality of our professional photographers.

The New York City Marathon is one of the most exciting events of the year. We have extensive experience helping first timers and experienced marathoners get acclimated to the route.

We have hosted marathon teams from all over the world every fall. 

We have accommodated construction experts from Europe looking to learn and understand the methods and techneiqes of American build sites. 

The Concrete Association of Denmark  is one of our clients that had the tailored experience they were seeking. 

Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Broadway, Central Park, 34th Street are all must see locations…but if you want to see and experience New York in a different light, this is for you.

Thousands of our guests can tell you that with us, they see both the famous sites as well as experiencing the authentic New York.

No problem! With ties to the fashion industry in New York we know all the best spots. We’ll take you where we go. We do not disappoint. Failure to please our guests is not an option.

Our Most Popular Offerings

We do the standard New York tours that include all the iconic spots such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square. 
We also offer unique experiences:

"Taste and See" Tours of the city; where we walk a neighborhood and enjoy the local food along the way.

"The Real America": Not only do we see New York City but we venture beyond its borders… We take you to the suburbs of New York and experience a Sunday Morning with a local congregation; with worship followed by meeting the people over coffee and bagels. We also visit an authentic American home for afternoon coffee and refreshments.

​"Meet the New Yorkers": People meet other people in the same business to exchange ideas. This is done via our extensive connections in the New York community.

Civil Rights Walks: We take you on a unique walk to walk the streets of the Civil Rights Movement; teaching your group about the very real struggles of American society.

​"The American Political System".  This three day experience includes the three cities which have been the capitols of the United States of America: New York (1789 - 1790), Philadelphia (1790 – 1800) and Washington, DC 1800 – present.

"New York Like a New Yorker". This experience ensures that our guests, as they see the famous sites of this great city, also experience the REAL New York. We walk the streets, see interesting neighborhoods and get off the beaten path.

"Do it All" Tour. This marvelous tour includes New York City, splendid Niagara Falls, Toronto (Canada’s largest city), Amish Country in Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.

Deluxe Entertainment Package. New York is the entertainment capital of the world and on two different evenings we take you to Broadway Shows and on two other evenings to night clubs with live music. We also bring you to superb restaurants each day. Plus all of New York’s fascinating places.